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Please enjoy this photo my wife made in Canva of us with our imaginary pets Walter (the turtle) and Herb (the dog)

About Me

Hello there! I’m McCheyne (pronounced Mick-Shane)! My wife and I live in the Boston area where we can be found watching a good movie, taking a hike, or finding any reason whatsoever to eat a baked good!

I wasn’t always a full time musician. I originally began my career as an Auditor where I met some wonderful people and learned some invaluable lessons about persevering through seasons of late nights poring over spreadsheets and early mornings driving to work. If you feel like you are being ground down by your work or your schooling, the Lord sees you and He LOVES how you are persevering through this. Your work matters. Whether you are sitting at a desk, working with your hands, or studying for that exam, it is all close to the heart of God who worked for six days straight! But the seventh day was set apart through God’s choosing to rest. My job now is to give you something to help you fall into that seventh day. No matter if it’s a day of worship, a day off, or a regular boring old day, my hope is that these songs can be a companion to you as you place yourself into the seventh day, pouring out your emotions and worship before the Lord and seeking to know Him ever more.

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